Why Import Through Ace Imports?

I thought it was about time to update the site with some blog posts. People are always free to get in touch to chat about importing but we thought it’d be useful to have information out there as to why we’re the best choice when it comes to importing a car from Japan. Although we’re stocking/importing lots of Elgrands currently, I’ll keep this as general as possible where I can; as we’re passionate about a wide range of Japanese cars. I’ll lay this out in digestible sections..


Naturally every importer is going to claim to be good value, but importing a vehicle from Japan can get quite complicated and costs can start racking up surprisingly fast when you don’t fully understand the different charges involved.

This is why we are as transparent as possible with pricing. From start to finish, the only money we make is our commission of £850 and this covers labour for the whole process, including collection of the vehicle, fitting of the fog light, undersealing, decoring of cats (if elgrand) and road registration. Not to mention the fact that our export costs (post auction costs to export the vehicle from Japan) are some of the lowest in the industry – saving you hundreds more than the average agent.

In addition to this, we always discuss importing with you in OTR (On The Road) price terms. This means that you know the maximum final cost for the vehicle before bidding.

We are happy to provide sample invoices that break down all of the costs involved with importing your car, which you can cross reference with other importers pricing.


We want to ensure you get the vehicle you want. Our ethos for our own stock is that we only import vehicles that we would be proud to own ourselves. Naturally this doesn’t necessarily apply to customer imports as everyone has different tastes and standards. That being said, if we do not think a vehicle is of a good standard, we will tell you to make sure there’s no chance of you being disappointed. After all, our personal imports still represent our ability to source quality vehicles.

Due to our close relationship with our exporter, we have the ability to check vehicles at many of the major auction houses in the Tokyo and Nagoya area. This means that if we’re going to bid on something, we can have it inspected to make sure it fits the standard we expect.

We are genuinely passionate about providing a good service, that might sound like a cliche but it’s a key factor when looking for an importer. We enjoy importing vehicles from Japan, which means we go the extra mile to help source your vehicle and make sure it’s exactly what you want.

Once the vehicle arrives UK side, we’ll collect it and ensure that there are no problems that will cause it to fail an MOT. In the unlikely event that there are any issues, we will assist with resolving them so that your car can be road ready as soon as possible.


We know how exciting the import process is, we share in that excitement and are available to help with any questions or concerns throughout the import process.

Even after you collect your vehicle from us UK side, we’re there to help if you have any problems, need advice or even servicing. We love to see vehicles we’ve imported standing out at shows and meets.

If you’re interested in importing a vehicle, send us a message or give us a call and we can see about sourcing your dream car.


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