About Us

Ace Imports - Specialist Japanese Car Importer

A visit to Japan

Ever since a visit to Japan 6 years ago, we've been passionate about importing Japanese vehicles to the UK. As you may see from our past stock, we initially started off with a few classic 90's performance vehicles. While browsing the auctions we noticed a particular 8 seater that carried a similar sort of character that the performance vehicles had, but rolled it into a practical family car that was beginning to gain popularity in the UK - The Nissan Elgrand.

A Change in focus

Since importing the Nissan Elgrand we have moved to specialise in the vehicle, as an active member of the Elgrand Owners Club and even an owner ourselves for some time - we've learned all the nuances of the vehicle and are pleased to call ourselves a Nissan Elgrand Specialist. The climate is always changing though, and high quality Elgrands are becoming thin on the ground in Japan - we are adapting to this however we can but still intend to continue stocking them for the forseeable future.

Some notable information includes the fact that we have been members of BIMTA now for multiple years, meaning we fit their required terms of practice as a business. We are also a family run business on a small scale, which allows us to focus on attention to detail and stocking only vehicles that we would be proud to own ourselves. As you may have seen from our adverts, we offer a 6 month engine and gearbox warranty on most vehicles we provide - this warranty is our own personal self funded warranty which just shows how much faith we have in the cars we stock. Further to this, we are always happy to offer the VIN number for VX Checks, a copy of the Export Certificate and Auction Sheet to help give peace of mind that the vehicle you're interested in is of good pedigree. We have only ever focused on importing Grade 4 and higher vehicles and will continue to do so in the future.